The Fieldgate Centre is owned by Basingstoke and Deane Council but is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers who put their time into creating a fun and enjoyable space for everyone to enjoy.

The committee (called the Kingsclere Community Association (or the KCA for short) is elected annually at the AGM. The minutes of past AGMs are available below.

Office Administrator- Lesley Farey

If you phone the Fieldgate your enquiry will usually get dealt with by Lesley or Sue. Office administrators, these ladies welcome in hirers and keep the place running like clockwork on a daily basis. 

Office Administrator - Sue Grove-White

Sue works in the office, managing the day to day running of the Centre and all of the volunteers, committee members and the couple of employees happy and focused to keep the Fieldgate Centre running like a well-oiled machine.  

Andy Bates

Chairman - Andy Bates

On top of the usual Chairman responsibilities Andy can often be found mucking in and helping get things done.

Known for taking on tasks as varied as unblocking a toilet and acting in the annual panto, it's fair to say the Fieldgate Centre keeps him on his toes!

If you want to contact Andy you can reach him by email at 

Vice Chair of the Fieldgate

Vice Chairman - Chinner

Chinner is the second in line here at the Fieldgate. Found most days at the Fieldgate, some say it's a part of him as much as he's a part of it. You can reach Chinner at

Treasurer - Ian Bowes

Ian is the money man at the Fieldgate table. A former commercial director, Ian looks after the various business aspects of the KCA, making sure the books balance; managing our income and costs, applying for and managing our grant income and managing the various improvement projects at the centre.  All essential tasks when it comes to ensuring that the Centre continues to be a great place for everyone to enjoy, tomorrow as well as today.

Karen Columbo secretary

Secretary - Karen Colombo

Karen started volunteering at the Fieldgate and before she knew it she had the heady responsibilities of taking minutes at committee meetings and putting up CCTV cameras in her spare time. You can get hold of Karen by emailing her at